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These are some of my favorite things. Most of them are not made any more.

Therefore I'm appealing for your help in finding and/or selling these products to me. If you sell on eBay, please feel free to email me when you list any of these items so I can bid:

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1. The lovely crystal wine glasses by Mikasa, pattern Grosvenor Gold, were a gift, but only a pair.
I'd like to find more of them, and also other styles in this pattern, water glasses, tumblers, what have you.

3. Haviland New York, Pasadena pattern:
Coffee Pot. FOUND! Thanks, Chr.C!

4. Rörstrand (Sweden) Coffee Cup and Saucer, 1880-1920:
I own 12 cups and 11 saucers, from my grandmother. Guess what I seek? Right, the missing saucer. But if anyone sees anything else in the same series I would also be very interested, even more cups with saucers. [Yes, I wrote to the manufacturer in Sweden; they don't have any.]

5. Lenox White Linen Damasse, Coffe or Tea Mug:

In lovely bas-relief (raised) pattern white- on-white. Have four mugs, would like at least four more. Impossible to locate for me, have had a standing search on several sites for over five years. Hope you can find it!

6. The wonderful Berdoues 1902 Eau de Cologne Tradition Naturelle is still available on the Net but, alas, only in tiny spray bottles.
I want the big bottle, 15.84 oz. Have located a Canadian copy on eBay but it's a very weak version of this cologne. If a big original 15.84 oz bottle, by Berdoues France, is around, I want it!

7. Basic Editions sandals/sliders: FOUND!

8. Jet Perfume by Corday. This was the first real perfume I tried as a young girl, given to me by an aunt. I didn't know that it was already a very old fragrance then, I was just so happy to have it. Have never been able to find more of it since, would love to find it again.

9. Silver Plate Earrings, Clip. A favorite earring, not fine by any means, just costume jewelry. Cast, silverplated, with clips, approx. 1 1/4" high. I lost one and would love to replace it. The one shown is the one I still have. The design is mirror-reversed on the sought one, of course. I really don't expect to find it although I know it was lost on a snowy private driveway en route to FL some years ago. There is not much hope that it's still there but should it be, it's probably corroded by now.
Would love a completely new pair, of course! It's one of those favorite jewelry pieces that won't let me forget it. If seen in gold plate I'd get that too!

Click on images for large view.

Grosvenor Gold crystal wine glass by Mikasa
1. Mikasa Crystal Wine Glass
Grosvenor Gold pattern
8 1/2" H
Can be used in good condition.
Other styles also wanted in this pattern.
Haviland New York Pasadena coffee pot
3. FOUND! Theodore Haviland, New York
Pasadena pattern
Coffee Pot, 6 1/8".
Pattern Closeup
Haviland Mark
Rörstrand Sweden Coffee Cup and Saucer
4. Rörstrand (Sweden) Coffee Cup and Saucer
Red clover blossoms, pattern name unknown
From c:a 1880-1920.
Rörstrand Mark with Pattern Number 1320

Lenox White Linen Damasse Mug
5. Lenox White Linen Damasse pattern

1902 Eau de Cologne by Berdoues
6. 1902 Eau de Cologne
Tradition Naturelle
by Berdoues, France
15.84 fl.oz.
Big sealed bottle only;
no empty bottles.
Jet Perfume by Corday
8. JET Perfume by Corday
First issued in 1943
Any size acceptable
but must be sealed with original perfume;
no empty bottles.
Silver Plate Earrings, Clip
9. Silver Plate Earrings, Clip
1 1/4" H approx.
Back of earring
A completely new pair
would be welcome!
If seen in GOLD PLATE,
let me know too!

Do you have any of the above?

If so, please email me at Liz Bryman to tell me.

Write what you have, refer to the numbers above if you like, and give me the price you want in your first email as I don't make offers, or send a link to your auction item.

My preferred payment method is PayPal but if you prefer a check it's alright also.

Just in case someone wants to suggest that I search myself on the Net, rest assured that I have, for years. Some of the items appear as available from several vendors but when visiting their pages they are sold out. I have even searched in other countries and sometimes I find it there but not lately.

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