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This is Liz's boutique. A sampling of truly wonderful jewelry is here: Many pieces are one-of-a-kind, some handcrafted, never to be duplicated. Others are limited production special pieces made for fine boutiques. Jewelry made especially to complement new fashions in shows is called runway jewelry.

Runway jewelry was never made to be sold in stores; it is usually one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces. These are not executed with as fine materials or good workmanship as mass-produced jewelry. They are over-sized so as to be noticed at a distance, often heavy, have a great look but are not perfectly made, and have also seen some wear at fashion shows.

Runway pieces, usually snapped up by celebrity fashion buyers, are not often offered for sale, however. This jewelry should therefore be viewed as any other art or craft which appeals to one's senses, not necessarily a work of perfection but rare and desirable. Questions to Liz on this jewelry are invited before buying.

Some of these pieces are signed, or initialed, others are not. All jewelry has been specially selected for Boutique Liz for its creative and unusual features, and, of course, beauty.