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BOND 527 Adhesive Cement

3.2 oz. Tube

BOND 527 Adhesive 3.2 oz tube

BOND 527
Adhesive Multi-Purpose Cement
3.2 oz. Tube

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This product needs no introduction to most jewelry collectors, crafters, and hobbyists.

If you want an introduction, click here.

It's one of those they don't make anymore. Or, not like they used to.

Well, now the they do.

Meaning, the original manufacturer returned to start up his best product again.

Here it is:

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You NEVER used this product before?

Here's what you need to know:

This adhesive bonds just about anything. It's a universal use very strong clear adhesive originally made for industrial use. Perfect for repairing glass, crystal, porcelain, china, ceramics, pottery.

It is especially preferred by jewelry collectors for replacing rhinestones. It dries clear but it is not instant, allowing manipulation of a stone into the right position. Allow at least 10 minutes for glue to harden completely. It is not difficult to pop rhinestones out with this adhesive in case one is wrong somewhere, such as the wrong size or wrong white shade in clear rhinestones.

Repairs on glass, china, ceramics, can be done almost invisibly. I have even glued one of my own nails that was badly broken which saved my manicure for a special occasion.

A fine leather coat that incurred a bad rip was repaired practically invisibly. Also the seams of a vintage alligator handbag that otherwise would have been unusable. When bonding porous materials, you must first seal the edges to be bonded with a thin coat and let them dry separately. A second coat on both edges, held together while the adhesive sticks and dries, will provide a secure seal.

Got a pair of favorite sneakers, shoes, or sandals starting to "gap" at the soles? This adhesive will bond them back securely again. Just run it around the inside edges, clamp with clothes pins or clamps, let dry over night preferably, before wearing the shoes again.

The adhesive runs clear, and pretty fast, so the tube should stand upright while uncapped. An old mug is handy to keep it propped up in if the tube can't be closed between gluing actions. Capping often is recommended.

It's suggested to pour a small amount on a piece of cardboard that gets thrown away later, and use a toothpick to get the right amount of glue into a jewelry setting and to cap the tube quickly.

If you wear nailpolish you need to be careful. This glue will dissolve it as it contains acetone. Warnings are on the back of the tube. It has an acetone smell so use with good ventilation and avoid inhaling. Avoid leaving within reach or unattended around children or pets, and no one should smoke or keep lighted candles in the room where you work with the adhesive.

Limited Quantity for Immediate Delivery.

Because of the consumable nature of this product, it is not returnable.

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