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Due to Covid19 many countries have restricted imports at times.UPDATE! Restrictions for shipping to Australia have been removed as of September, 2022. If you live in a country outside the United States or Canada, please check the list before ordering. Orders received but not shippable now will either be held until restrictions are lifted or cancelled and refunded, customer's choice.
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Carving Sets & Storage Chests

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How To Measure Silverware
8 Important Silver Care Tips from Liz
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Carving/Serving Sets and Storage Chests
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Astrid Carving Set
Baroque Style Carving Set
Baroque Style
Bordeaux Carving Set
IC Burgundy Baroque Carving Set
Burgundy Baroque
Chase Sheffield Carving Set
Cheltenham Sheffield Carving Set
Concerto  Carving Set
Concerto 1944
Copenhagen 1935 Carving Set
Croydon aka Mary Lee Carving Set
Croydon/Mary Lee
Daffodil Carving Set
Eternally Yours Carving Set
Eternally Yours
Exquisite 1957 Carving Set
Flower de Luce Carving Set
Flower de Luce
Fritz Voos Baroque Carving Set
Fritz Voos Baroque
Gay Adventure Carving Set
Gay Adventure
Art Deco 3 pcs Set Germany
Hampton Court 2-pcs Carving Set
Hampton Court
Holiday Carving Set
H R Morss Carving Set
H.R. Morss
Long Champs Carving Set
Moss Rose Carving Set
Moss Rose
Royal Danish Carving Set
Royal Danish
Royal Rose Carving Set
Royal Rose
Sir Galahad Carving Set
Sir Galahad

Silver Storage Chests ~ New Arrivals!

Mid-Century Walnut ChestRed Oak Wavy Chest
Ercuis 3-Tier Chest

Australian Silver

Canadian Silver

English Silver

French Silver

German Silver

Russian Silver

Scandinavian Silver

Spanish Silver

Associated Silver Co.

Cellini--NYM Co.

Gorham Silver Company
Alvin Silver

Heritage Plate Silver Co.
Heritage Quadruple Plate

Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett
Our Very Best Quintuple Plate
International Silver Co.
Rogers, 1847 Rogers Bros.
Wm. Rogers Mfg.
American Silver Company
Crown Silver Plate
Embassy Silver Plate
H & T Mfg. Co.
Holmes & Edwards
Monarch Silver Co.
New England Silver Co.
Plymouth Silver Plate
R&B, R.C. Co.
Silver Belle Silver Plate
Stratford Silver Co.
1890 Jennings Bros. Mfg.

Lunt Silver Company

National Silver Company
Diamond Silver Co.
Viceroy Silver Co.
Oneida Community
Benedict Mfg. Co.
aka Imperial
aka Empire Silver Co.
Betty Crocker
Carlton Plate
Nobility Plate
Oxford Silver Plate
Par Plate
Reliance Plate
1881 Rogers
S.L. & G.H. Rogers
Wm. A. Rogers
Senate Silver Plate
Tudor Plate
Vernon Silver Plate
Reed & Barton

Towle Silver Company

Wallace Sterling and Silver Co.
Brown & Richie
Deerfield Silver Plate
Harmony House

Westmorland Silver

Williams Bros.

Wood Rose Silver Co.

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Don't know the name of your pattern?

Go To the Find Your Pattern Fast page with Jump-to Thumbnails. Or, click any Pattern Picture Gallery link below to see all by that manufacturer, with links directly to the inventory.
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Associated Silver Co.
Panama 1915
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Cellini NYM Co.
Romanesque 1968
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Australian Silver
Ballerina by RODD Mid-Century Modern

Canadian Silver
Birks Regency Queen Mary 1940-2014
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English Silver
Albany a.k.a. Royal Albany by Royal Sheffield, England - 1996-2000
Dubarry Service for Six by Original Sheffield, England - 1950s
Lancashire Lily by Sheffield Silver Plate, England - 1950s
Louis XV EPNS by Unknown Manufacturer, Sheffield, England - 1930s
Rattail by Wilton House, Sheffield, England - 1930s--
Shell by John Biggin Ltd. Sheffield, England - 1902-1994
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French Silver
Contour avec Filet aka Tipped by Maison Deničre, Guilliaume Deninger/Deničre, France - 1850s: Special
Louis XV by Ercuis, France - Mid-20th Century
Louis XV by Francois Frionnet, France - Mid-20th Century: Special
Louis XV by Guildart, France - 1930s
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German Silver
Pattern Picture Gallery
Hen 12 by J.A. Henckels Zwillingswerk, Germany
Louis XV by Fritz Voos, Germany
WMF Paris 3500 by WMF, Germany
WMF Rom 4500 by WMF, Germany
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Gorham Silver Company, Alvin, Whiting Division
Pattern Picture Gallery
Cavalier 1937
Churchill 1905
Classic 1925 (Alvin)
Fashion Lane 1940 (Alvin)
French Scroll a.k.a. aka French Classic U.S.1980-1985
Heritage Serving Utensils
Imperial Queen 1893 (sterling) (Whiting Div.)
Invitation 1940
Lancaster 1923 (Alvin)
New Elegance 1947
Vanity Fair 1924
Westminster 1924
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Heritage Plate Silver Company:
Heritage Quadruple Plate
Love Song 1950
Silver Willow 1960
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Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.:
Our Very Best OVB Quintuple Plate
Our Very Best ONE
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International Silver Co.:
American Silver Company, Associated Silver Co.
Rogers & Bros., 1847 Rogers, Wm. Rogers Mfg.
Wm. Rogers & Son
Camelia Silver Plate
Court Silver Plate
Crown Silver Plate
Embassy Silver Plate, H & T Mfg.
Holmes & Edwards, Manor, Monarch Silver Co.
New England Silver Plate, Plymouth, R & B
Sectional, R.C. Co., Silver Belle Silver Plate
Stratford Silver Co.
Pattern Picture Gallery
Adoration 1930-1973 - Open Stock
Adoration 1930-1973 ~ Special 6-pcs Place Settings
Alhambra 1907
Allure 1939
Ambassador 1919-1973
Americana 1954 a.k.a. Lufberry 1915
Ancestral 1924
Anniversary Rose 1962-1975
April 1950
Arbutus 1908
Avalon a.k.a. Cabin 1940
Avon 1901
Beloved 1940
Berkshire 1897 ~ Special
Beverly Manor 1964
Blenheim 1898
Bouquet a.k.a. Embassy 1939
Bouquet a.k.a. Vendome 1924
Brandon 1939
Bright Future 1954
Burgundy a.k.a. Champagne 1934
Cabin a.k.a. Avalon 1940
Camelia 1940
Camelot Harvest 1936
Camille 1971
Carmen 1927
Celebration 1959
Chadwick 1975-1991
Chalfonte 1926
Concept 1957
Continental 1914
Copenhagen 1935 Carving Set Special
Corona 1911
Cotillion 1937
Court 1939
Cromwell 1912
Daffodil 1950-1973
Danish Princess 1938
Daisy a.k.a. New Daisy 1910
Daybreak a.k.a. Elegant Lady 1952
DeSancy a.k.a. Roseland 1915 - Knife & Fork Sets
DeSancy a.k.a. Roseland 1915 - Individual Styles
Desire 1940
Devonshire a.k.a. Mary Lou 1938
Elegant Lady a.k.a. Daybreak 1952
Elite 1934
Embassy a.k.a. Bouquet 1939
Embossed 1882: Carving Set
Empress 1969-1973
Empress 1981-1990
Eternally Yours 1941-1973
Exquisite 1940
Exquisite 1957
Fair Oak a.k.a. Oak 1913
Fidelis 1933
First Lady 1960
First Love 1937
Flair 1956
Flemish 1894
Floral Bouquet a.k.a. Silver Bouquet 1960
Franconia 1922
Gaiety 1961
Gardenia 1941
Garland 1965
Garland a.k.a. Rapture 1937
Golden Centennial 1972-1988
Gracious 1939
Grand Elegance a.k.a. Southern Manor 1959
Grapefruit - Lines 1958
Guild a.k.a. Cadence 1932
Heraldic 1916 - No Monogram
Heraldic 1916 - M or W Monogram
Heritage 1953
Her Majesty 1931
Inheritance 1941
Inspiration a.k.a. Magnolia 1951
Interlude 1971-1991
Isabella 1913
Jamestown 1916
Jewel 1938
Jewell 1916
Jubilee 1953
King Frederik 1969
Kings 1977
Lady Ann a.k.a. Priscilla 1941
Lady Densmore a.k.a. Woodland Rose a.k.a. Basque Rose 1955
Lady Doris a.k.a. Princess 1929
Ladyship 1937
La France 1920
Laurel Mist 1966-1976
Leilani 1961-1968
Lincoln 1895
Louisiane 1938
Lovelace 1936-1973
Lovely Lady 1937-1959
Lufberry 1915 a.k.a. Americana 1954
Magnolia a.k.a. Inspiration 1951
Majestic 1928
Manhattan 1932
Manhattan 1951
Marquise 1933-1983
Mary Lou a.k.a. Devonshire 1938
Masterpiece 1932
Mayfair 1923
Meadow Flower 1940
Melody 1954
Modern Scroll 1958
Moonlight a.k.a. Royal Victorian a.k.a. Lovelight 1959
Mountain Rose 1954
Mystic 1903
Napoleon 1929
Newton a.k.a. Raleigh 1900
Oak a.k.a. Fair Oak 1913
Old Colony 1911
Olive 1848
Orleans 1964-1992
Oxford 1901
Paris 1931
Plain, 1847 Rogers Bros.
Plaza 1950
Plymouth 1897
Precious 1941
Precious Mirror 1954
Prelude 1939 (sterling)
Primrose 1912
Princess a.k.a. Lady Doris 1929
Priscilla a.k.a. Lady Ann 1941
Queen Mary a.k.a. Starlight 1953
Radiance 1939
Radiance 1958
Randolph 1905, Hotel Plate
Reflection 1939-1991
Reflection 1959
Remembrance 1948
Roberta 1938
Rochambeau 1976-1984
Romance 1952
Rosedale I 1933
Rosemary 1919
DeSancy a.k.a. Roseland 1915: Individual Styles
Roseland a.k.a. DeSancy 1915: Knife & Fork Sets
Royal Pageant a.k.a. Desire 1937
Royal Pageant a.k.a. Southern Splendor 1962
Royal Saxony 1935
Sea Spray 1960
Shell 1860
Silhouette 1930 ~ Monogrammed M
Silhouette 1930 ~ No Monograms
Silver Belle 1940
Silver Fashion 1957
Silver Lace 1968-1979
Silver Renaissance 1971-1979
Southern Manor a.k.a. Grand Elegance 1959
Southern Splendor a.k.a. Royal Pageant 1962
Sovereign 1939
Spanish Crown 1970
Spring Charm 1950
Spring Garden 1949
Starlight 1950
Starlight a.k.a. Queen Mary 1953
Sylvia 1934
Talisman 1938
Triumph 1941
Triumph 1968-1973
Ultra 1938
Vendome a.k.a. Bouquet 1924
Victorian Rose 1954
Victory 1918
Vintage 1904
Vogue Silver Plate, Unknown Pattern
Wakefield 1965
Waverly 1981-1990
Winfield Silver Plate, c:a 1920s
Yale I 1894
York 1900
Yorktown 1913
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1890 Jennings Bros. Mfg.
Victoria 1901

Lunt Silver Company
American Victorian 1941 (sterling)
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National Silver Company:
Diamond Silver Co.
Viceroy Silver Co.
Pattern Picture Gallery
Adam 1917
Astrid 1945 Dinner Styles
Astrid 1945 Grille Styles
Concerto 1944
Flame 1938
Four 1930s
Fourteen 1930s
Holiday 1951
Inauguration 1948 (Diamond Silver Co.)
King Edward 1936-1951
Martinique a.k.a. Lady Beautiful 1935
Monarch Plate Two 1907
Moss Rose aka King Edward Moss Rose 1949
Narcissus 1935
New Gadroon 1935
Nineteen 1925
Oak a.k.a. Royal Oak 1906
Princess Elizabeth 1942 (sterling)
Princess Royal 1930
Queen Elizabeth 1908
Rose and Leaf 1937
Rose and Scrolls 1950s a.k.a. NTS 25
Six 1950
Viceroy NTS8 1936
Viceroy One a.k.a. Lady Fair 1930s
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Oneida, Community:
Benedict Mfg. Co. aka Imperial aka Empire Silver Co.
Betty Crocker
Carlton Plate
Nobility Plate
Oxford Silver Plate,
S. Rockford & Co.
S.L. & G.H. Rogers
Wm. A. Rogers, 1881 Rogers,
Prestige, Tudor Plate
Senate Silver Plate
Vernon Silver Plate
Pattern Picture Gallery
Abington 1910 Special
Adam 1917
Alouette 1978
Arcadia a.k.a. Margate 1938
Ballad a.k.a. Country Lane 1953-2000
Banbury a.k.a. Brookwood 1950
Baronet 1962
Baroque Rose 1967-1984
Beacon a.k.a. Miami 1931
Becket 1985
Beethoven 1971
Belcourt 1989-2004
Bordeaux 1945
Bridal Wreath 1950
Brookwood a.k.a. Banbury 1950
Caprice 1937
Carlton 1898
Chalice a.k.a. Harmony a.k.a. Jasmine 1958
Chateau 1934
Chaumont a.k.a. Longchamps 1935
Cheshire 1925
Clarion 1931
Clayborne 1929
Coin Silver Extra Plate a.k.a. OHS338
Colonial 1908
Coronation 1936
Croydon a.k.a. Mary Lee 1932
Daisy 1910
Del Mar 1939
Distinction 1951-1961
Elaine 1926
Elizabeth a.k.a. Marigold 1918
Enchantment 1985 -2000 (USA)
Enchantment a.k.a. Gentle Rose 1960
Evening Star 1950-1961
Fantasy 1941
Flight 1963
Flirtation 1959-1984
Floral II 1938
Floral Queen 1992-1997
Flower de Luce a.k.a. Fleur de Luce 1904
Flowertime 1963
Fredericksburg 1968-1975
Garland 1910
Gay Adventure 1955
Gold Accent Modern Baroque 1969-1986
Grecian 1915
Grenoble 1938
Hampton Court 1926
Harmony a.k.a. Chalice a.k.a. Jasmine 1958
Heather a.k.a. Meadowbrook 1936
Jasmine 1939
Jasmine a.k.a. Harmony a.k.a. Chalice 1958
King Cedric 1933
King James 1985-2012
La Rose 1938
Longchamps a.k.a. Chaumont 1935
Loraine 1913
Louis XVI 1911: Special
Madison 1914
Malibu 1934
Margate a.k.a. Arcadia 1938
Marigold a.k.a. Elizabeth 1918
Mary Lee a.k.a. Croydon 1932
Meadowbrook a.k.a. Heather 1936
Milady 1940
Modern Baroque 1969-1986
Morning Star 1948
Mystic a.k.a. Coronet 1926
Nassau 1938
Noblesse 1930
Oakland 1929
Oakleigh a.k.a. Royal York 1937
Old South a.k.a. Rendez-Vous 1938
Old South II 1949
Park Lane a.k.a. Chatelaine a.k.a. Dowry 1957
Patrician 1914
Paul Revere 1927
Plantation 1948
Presentation 1948
Primrose 1915
Proposal 1954
Queen Bess I 1924
Queen Bess II 1946
Queen Bess II 1946: Special
Ramona a.k.a. Lakewood a.k.a. Brentwood 1928
Raphael 1979-2004 [stainless]
Regal Silver Plate RLS2
Rendez-Vous a.k.a. Old South 1938
Reverie 1937
Romford 1939 (Vernon Silver Plate)
Royal Grandeur 1975-1984
Royal Rose 1939
Royal York a.k.a. Oakleigh 1937
Saumur SP 2010
Seneca 1927
Scandinavia 1970
Silver Artistry 1965-1989
Silver Clarette 1987-2006
Silver Valentine a.k.a. Valentine 1973
Skyline a.k.a. Skycrest 1930
Skyward 1963
South Seas 1955-1965
Thor 1933
Vanessa a.k.a. Francesca 1965-2006
Vernon a.k.a. Ashley 1917
Victorian Classic 1973-1984
White Orchid 1953
Wildwood II 1908
Windsor 1900
Winsome I 1959
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Reed & Barton
Pattern Picture Gallery
1776 Satin Finish 1976-1979
Denmark 1963
Dresden Rose (U.S.) 1953--2013
Emperor a.k.a. Golden Crown (U.S.) 1969-1989
English Crown 1968-2006
English Gentry 1977-2012
Francis I 1907-2015 (sterling)
Golden Crown a.k.a. Emperor (U.S.) 1969-1989
Highlands 1994-2013
Kings 1900
Kings (U.S.) 1985-1994
La Femme, Rebacraft [stainless]
Louis XVI 1926
Old London 1936
Parthenon (Elite) 1985-2006
Silver Majesty 1970
Staunton Hill by Paul Bocuse ~1990s [stainless]
Tiger Lily 1901-1925; Festivity 1945-1989
Wisteria 1966
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Russian Silver
Louis XV Melchior 1950-1960's
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Scandinavian Silver
Pattern Picture Gallery
Anitra 1936, 830S sterling, Theo. Olsen Eftf, Norway
Christian F. Heise Arts & Crafts - 1914, 800S sterling, Denmark
Gammal Fransk a.k.a. Franska Liljan - 1700's--, s.p., Sweden
Leckö/Leckoe - 1900s, s.p., Sweden
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Spanish Silver
Burgundy Style Baroque 1950s
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Pattern Picture Gallery
Antique Flutes 1980-1981
Chablis 1982-1995
Hammersmith 1977-1986
Segovia 1968-1970

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Wallace Sterling & Silverplate
Brown & Richie
Deerfield Silver Plate
Harmony House
Sears Roebuck
Pattern Picture Gallery
Classic Filigree 1937
Danish Queen 1944
Floral 1902
Fortune a.k.a. Fortune Rose 1932
La Viola 1912 (sterling)
Personality 1938
Simplicity 1933
Southgate 1937
Stuart 1899
Ultra 1934
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George & Martha Washington Baby Set Special
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Williams Bros.
Lakewood aka Lakeside aka Oak 1914
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Wood Rose
Pattern Picture Gallery
Wood Rose 1950
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Didn't See Your Pattern?
If you know the name and/or have a picture of it, do email Liz to see if it might be on its way to the site. Liz is also in contact with many vintage silver sources and may be able to assist you in locating it. Kindly do not email images over 2 MB in size!
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About Liz's Silver:

All silver is vintage and in good to excellent vintage condition and perfectly serviceable for its intended use. Liz's competitive prices do not reflect a lowered quality in silverware condition. Liz sells only gently used ware that she herself would be proud to serve her guests. All ware is shipped to you polished, ready to use. One exception: Never-used sets are shipped unpolished to preserve original patina. When you buy this ware you'll be the first to shine and use it. All images are of the actual pieces offered, not stock photos. The photography may not be up to professional standards but Liz strives to represent every piece fairly by the means available to her. Flaws are documented in the descriptions. Should some flaws be missed they will be noted and you will be advised.

Silver Plate, Sterling, or Stainless Steel with name of Manufacturer is always shown above the pattern name on every inventory page.

There are no monograms on Liz's silver except where especially noted.

About The Years Shown on The Individual Patterns:

The year number following the pattern name is the First Year of Production, or Introduction Year of that pattern. It is not necessarily the year in which the pieces offered for sale were made. They could have been made in any year during the production run of this pattern. Almost all patterns Liz offers are now discontinued, therefore they are considered vintage. If the exact year of discontinuation is known to Liz, it is so noted. If a pattern is still produced, as with the Swedish pattern Franska Liljan, f.ex., it is also noted.

Liz offers only vintage flatware made in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, but not China and no modern reproductions of vintage patterns now made overseas.

Selling Your Silverware?

If you have silver plate flatware that you don't need, Liz might want to buy it. It must be in such good condition that you yourself would dine and serve with it, without monograms, inscriptions or silver loss. As a rule, Liz will only buy larger quantity services, not individual odd pieces or mixed pattern lots, and only vintage silver patterns made in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia but not from China. Please have your pattern name, piece count, and also asking price ready when contacting Liz as she does not make offers. Evaluations or appraisals are not made as that is a conflict of interest.

Before you contact Liz about your silver plate flatware, please take a moment to read this brief article courtesy Nancy Gluck's blog Silver Threads:

What Is My Silver Worth?

It explains what you need to do to sell your silverware. If you wish to sell your silverware after reading this article, kindly take a look to see if Liz already carries your pattern and, if so, what is on the inventory page. If the page shows stock in quantities of 8 or more pieces in the most used utensils, knives, forks, spoons, Liz would probably not be interested in yours. Contact Liz by email or phone here. Txt messages will be disregarded.

Shipping & Shopping Information:

On October 2, 2022, the United States Postal Service increased postage and shipping costs.

Domestic flat shipping charge is now US$10.50, includes Priority Mail or First Class Postage within the U.S. with automatic insurance up to US$100.00 on Priority Mail.

International flat shipping charge is now US$60.00, includes International Priority Mail Shipping to most countries and automatic insurance up to US$200.00. Weight limit on International Priority Mail is 4 lbs. Should the weight of the package incur a higher shipping cost than US$60.00 to your country you will be advised to pay the difference in PayPal before shipment. If the actual shipping cost is less than US$60.00, the difference is refunded to your PayPal account.

Shipment is made within the next few business days after payment has been made by U.S. Postal Service First Class [only for single items up to US$5.00] or Priority Mail with Tracking and Insured. You will be advised by email of the Tracking Number so you can follow your shipment from the entry shown in your PayPal transaction record or at the USPS Tracking website.

Storage chests and other larger items will be shipped by Parcel Post within the U.S. and by First Class or International Priority Mail outside the U.S., including to Canada. Liz does not charge extra for Tracking or Insurance when shipped within the U.S. International: If your country is on a list where the United States Government cautions against shipping without Registry or Insurance, you will be asked to add the cost for this service to your order payment.

Customers outside the continental U.S. Please check with Liz for how to ship best way to you.

Payment & Return Policy:

The PayPal Shopping Cart: Please use it as shown on every shopping page for ease of ordering.

If you don't have a PayPal account you can still use your credit card with the PayPal Shopping Cart buttons.

If you have questions or would like to discuss or place your order in person and want Liz to issue a custom Invoice to you through PayPal do email or call Liz, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern U.S. Time, Monday through Saturday.

All pieces are returnable for full refund in same condition as received less any shipping charges. Returns are approved after email notification upon receipt. Returns must be shipped back within five (5) business days of receipt or return privilege is void. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted, see the complete Guarantee and Return Policy here.

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