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Ercuis, France
Silver Plate Flatware

Louis XV ~ 1930, approx.

Ercuis Louis XV
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This is a genuine vintage service of the Ercuis LOUIS XV pattern now discontinued.

All pieces are stamped with the Ercuis stamp, ERCUIS and the plate quality number. Read about the meaning of plate quality numbers here:

German and French Plate Numbers

The pieces are all gently worn with a warm patina. Some pieces are slightly more worn than others and discounted accordingly.

Please note the different sizes in the Dinner/Place Knives and Forks.

See reverse of pattern here.

Compare current prices on Ercuis vintage silver plate flatware in Europe here.
1 British Pound (GBP) = $ (USD) 1.42, approx., Spring, 2016.

Louis XV is only one of the names for this style pattern that was made in many variations by makers in several countries for over 200 years. Other names are Du Barry, Lauriers, Rocaille, Rococo, Rokoko. See more pattern variations here, here, here, and here.

If you know of additional names for this particular pattern, kindly email to let me know.

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Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Hollow Handle Dinner Place Knife Nr 1
Modern Dinner/Place Knife Nr 1
Hollow Handle
Plate Quality Nr: 18


4 pieces


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Modern Hollow Handle Dinner Place Knife Nr 2
Modern Dinner/Place Knife Nr 2
Hollow Handle
Plate Quality Nr: 15

8 1/4"

3 pieces


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Dinner Place Fork Nr 1
Dinner/Place Fork Nr 1
Plate Quality Nr: 90

8 3/8"

0 pieces


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Dinner Place Fork Nr 2
Dinner/Place Fork Nr 2
Plate Quality Nr: 60

7 3/8"

4 pieces


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Oval Soup Spoon
Soup Spoon, Oval
Plate Quality Nr: 90

8 3/8"

1 piece

*Some imperfections. Reg. $18.00.


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Tea Spoon
Tea Spoon
Plate Quality Nr: 18

5 3/4"

2 pieces

*Some imperfections. Reg. $15.00.


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Large Serving Spoon
Table/Serving Spoon, Large
Plate Quality Nr: 6

10 1/2"

0 pieces

*Minor imperfections. Reg. $25.00.


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Soup Ladle
Soup Ladle, Large
Plate Quality Nr: 10


0 pieces

*Minor imperfections. Reg. $50.00.


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Handles Carving Knife and Fork Set
Carving Knife & Fork 2-pc Set
Silverplated handles
Stainless steel blade and tines
Plate Quality Nr: 40 each piece
Knife 11 1/8", Fork 10 1/2"


*Minor imperfections. Reg. $75.00.


Ercuis Louis XV Silverplated Salad Serving Set Ladle
2-pc Salad Serving Set
Plate Quality Nr: 10 each piece

Fork & Spoon 10" each.



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