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Louis XV:
By Francois Frionnet, France
Deluxe Mid-Century Dinner Service for 12
Very Fine Vintage Silver Plate, Uncirculated Utensils


62 Pieces in Original 2-Tier Chest


Silver Rose:
By Viner's of Sheffield, England, U.K.
Deluxe Mid-Century Cake Service for 12
Very Fine Vintage Condition Silver Plate, Most Uncirculated

Silver Rose Viners Cake Service for 12

15 Pieces: 1 Cake Server, 12 Cake Forks, 2 Petite Pastry Servers

One Service Available: $75.00

Vines & Leaves Arts & Crafts Handcrafted Set:
By Unidentified Artist, Canada
Charming Arts & Crafts-styled Server Set
Very large spoon and server in handcrafted silverplated finish

Arts and Crafts Vines and Leaves Server Set

2-Piece Set
One Set Available: $60.00

Anitra 1936:
By Theodor Olsen Eftf a/k/a ARVEN 1868, Bergen, Norway
Luxurious Sterling Mid-Century Dining Service for 8
Very Fine Vintage Condition, Most Pieces Uncirculated

Anitra Sterling Dining Service for 8

43 Pieces + Chest: 8 Knives, 8 Forks, 8 Soup Spoons, 16 Tea Spoons, 2 Butter Knives, and 1 Butter Pick/Fork

Open stock here

Rare Christian F. Heise Arts & Crafts, Denmark, 1914:
800 Handwrought Sterling Silver Dining Set for 6
Knife Blades By J.A. Henckels Zwillingswerk, Germany

Henckels Zwillingswerk 800 Sterling Dining Set

12 Pieces: 6 Knives and 6 Forks

One Set Available. On eBay

Rex 1894, Henrici's and McLaren Service:
Rare Dining Set for 12
by Reed & Barton USA

Rex 1894 Henricis MacLaren Dining Set

31 Pieces: 12 Knives, 12 Forks, 7 Soup/Serving Spoons


Rare Maison Denière Table Spoon and Fork set, mid-1850s :
Handwrought 950 Solid Silver Personal Dining Set
Design by Guillaume Denière aka Deninger, Paris, France

Maison Denière Guillaume Denière Deninger 950 Solid Silver  Dining Set

2 Pieces: 1 Table Spoon and 1 Table Fork

One Set Available: $200.00

Berlin 1899:
Five Rare Dinner Forks
Silver Plate
by W.H. Rogers, Others, USA

Berlin 1899 Five Forks Set

5 Dinner Forks Set
One Set Available: $35.00

Humbolt 1880:
Three Teaspoons in Sterling
by Wood & Hughes, New York, USA

Humbolt Sterling Three Teaspoons Set

3 Teaspoons Set
One Set Available: $50.00

George & Martha Washington 1940:
Baby Set in Sterling
by Westmorland Silver USA

George Martha Washington Sterling Baby Set

2 Pieces: 1 Fork and 1 Spoon


Five Rare Demitasse Spoons, Silverplate
by United Silver Company, USA

Oregon 1900 Five Demitasse Spoons Set

5 Demitasse Spoon Set
One Set Available: $30.00

Danish Princess 1938:
By Holmes & Edwards, International Silver Co. USA
Deluxe Dining Service for 8
New Old Stock, Uncirculated

Danish Princess 1938 Dining Service for 8

73 Pieces + Chest: 8 Knives, 8 Forks, 8 Salad/Dessert Forks, 8 Soup Spoons, 8 Dessert Spoons, 16 Tea Spoons, 8 Individual Butter Knives + 9 Serving Pieces
One Service Available: $450.00

La Viola 1912:
By Wallace Silver Co. USA
Sterling Silver Dining Set for 6

La Viola 1912 sterling Dining Set

26 Pieces: 6 Knives, 6 Forks, 6 Soup Spoons, 6 Tea Spoons + Butter Knife and Sugar Spoon

Queen Bess II 1946:
By Tudor Community Oneida. USA
6- and 4-piece Place Settings
New Old Stock, Uncirculated

Queen Bess II 6-pcs Place Set

6-pcs Place Set: 1 Knife, 1 Fork, 1 Salad/Dessert Fork,1 Soup Spoon, Gumbo, 1 Iced Tea/Parfait Spoon, 1 Tea Spoon
4-pcs Place Set: 1 Knife, 1 Fork, 1 Salad/Dessert Fork, 1 Teaspoon

4 4-pcs Place Sets $25.00 each
+ Optional Serving Pieces.

Old South II 1949:
By Wm. A. Rogers Oneida USA
Very Fine Vintage Condition

Old South II 1949 8-piece Place Settings

8-piece Deluxe Place Settings

8 Place Settings Available: $50.00 each.
Optional Serving Pieces Priced Individually.

Adoration 1930-1973:
By 1847 Rogers Bros. USA
New Old Stock, Uncirculated

Adoration 1930-1973 6-pcs place settings

6-piece Place Settings & Serving Pieces

12 Place Settings Available: $50.00 each
Optional Serving Pieces Priced Individually

Inspiration a.k.a. Magnolia 1951:
By Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co. Original Rogers USA
New Old Stock, Uncirculated

Inspiration aka Magnolia 1951 Special 6-pcs place settings

6-piece Place Settings & Serving Pieces

12 Place Settings Available: $35.00 each
Optional Serving Pieces Priced Individually

Evening Star 1950-1961:
By Oneida Community USA
New Old Stock, Uncirculated

Evening Star 1950-1961 Grille Service for 8

Grille Service for Eight, 6-piece Place Settings with Hostess Serving Set

2 Services Available: $250.00 each

King James 1985-2012:
By Oneida Ltd. USA
New Old Stock, Uncirculated

King James 5-piece place settings

5-piece Place Settings

6 Place Settings Available: $40.00 each

Victoria II 1885-1901:
By C. Rogers Bros. USA
Knives and Forks Dining Set

Victoria II Special Dinner Set

24 pieces: 12 Knives, 12 Forks

One Set Available: $100.00

1857 World Brand:
By American Silver Co. USA
Knives and Forks Dining Set

American Silver Co. 1857 World Brand Knives and Forks Set

12 Pieces: 6 Knives, 6 Forks

One Set Available: $50.00/set

Manhattan aka Metropolitan:
By World Tableware
Table/Utility Knife

Manhattan aka Metropolitan World Tableware Table Knife

Silverplated Solid Handle with Stainless Blade, Uncirculated

14 pcs Available: $6.00 each

Pie or Cake Servers with Sterling Handles

Copenhagen by Manchester

Lovely Accessory Serving Pieces

One Left: $30.00

Vanessa a.k.a. Francesca 1965-2006:
By Oneida USA:
New Old Stock, Uncirculated

Oneida USA Vanessa aka Francesca place setting

5-piece Place Settings

7 Place Settings Available: $30.00 each

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