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  • This phone number is for all orders and questions about jewelry and silverware.

    But, Liz does not appraise or evaluate so
    please don't ask what your things are worth.

    (386) 341-2331 (North/Central Florida, USA) Monday-Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET

  • Please leave a message if Liz is not available.

  • If you are an AT&T mobile subscriber your call is FREE.

  • If you have SKYPE Internet telephone service, email Liz first for permission to call on SKYPE.

  • Liz does not return calls to countries outside the U.S.

  • Be specific in your message. Without details about why you called, like your name, state and a convenient time in your time zone to call you back, your call cannot be returned.

  • Use good judgment and call only during the business hours shown.

  • If you want to sell your silverware to Liz, please read this message first:
    Selling Your Silverware? It has information you need to have ready before you call. Without this information from you Liz will not discuss a purchase.
  • Because of so many want-to-sell calls Liz will only call back if she is interested in purchasing your item. Please read Selling Your Silverware? (link above) before you call.

  • How to Order
    Liz Collectible Jewelry offers the following methods of payment:

    1. PayPal online payments. Use PayPal Add to Cart buttons where available. If none, please request a PayPal Invoice from Liz by email to and note the Style Numbers of your selections in your email.

    2. Credit cards: Most major credit cards are now processed by PayPal through the Shopping Cart buttons without an existing PayPal account. Previous personal direct credit card service is therefore discontinued.

    3. New Way to Pay: Introduced in December, 2017, the link allows you pay any amount directly via the link below from any computer or device, just follow the steps.

    Here's How to Shop:

    Whether or not you are registered with PayPal online payment service, use the PayPal Shopping Cart buttons. PayPal now accepts credit cards even if you do not have an existing PayPal account. After payment shipment is made within the next business days if possible. PayPal will notify you by email with a Tracking Number and link to shipper's site for an estimated delivery date of your order.

    Feel free to call Liz at the above telephone number if you have questions or would like to place your order in person with Liz. Liz will advise on the availability of your selections, send you a custom PayPal Invoice and confirm your order.

    Shipping Information

    For Customers Within the United States:

    Liz ships your order promptly, securely packed, by First Class or Priority postal mail, insured and always with Tracking. On some items UPS or Fedex services may be used. If this becomes necessary their shipping charges will apply and you will be asked how you want to proceed. Any transit damage or loss is limited to the amount of the insurance. Shipping charges are approximate as reflected in the PayPal Shopping Cart. As of January 21, 2024, the flat shipping charge within the continental United States for all jewelry, accessory and silverware orders is US$10.75, with some exceptions for silver storage chests and some other large items.The flat charge is included in the PayPal Shopping Cart checkout.

    For Customers Outside the United States:

    International Service Disruptions Alerts: [Opens in new window]

    Due to Covid19 many countries have restricted imports for the time being. If you live in a country outside the United States or Canada, please check the list before ordering. Orders received but not shippable now will either be held until restrictions are lifted or cancelled and refunded, customer's choice. We sincerely regret the inconvenience.

    Liz ships to all countries where the United States Government permits shipping goods with some countries excepted that the Government does not recommend for safe delivery of goods. If you live in such a country Liz may still be able to deliver goods to you if you specify a U.S. delivery address that is also Confirmed/Verified by PayPal.

    Liz will work closely with you to ensure that your order arrives safely.

    Liz asks that you familiarize yourself with the customs regulations and laws of your country so there will be no surprises awaiting you when you order merchandise by mail from Liz. Your order may be subject to import duty and taxes in your country and these are your responsibility. If your country restricts or forbids imports of jewelry or any other item Liz features, Liz is unable to accept your order, sorry.

    In this respect, Liz asks that you do not ask her to break any U.S. or international import and export laws by declaring your Liz order as either a "gift" or "of no value."

    If there is anything Liz should be aware of when shipping to your country, you need to inform Liz of this.

    Shipping charge to all areas outside the continental United States is a minimum of US$70.00, included in the PayPal Shopping Cart checkout. If the shipping charge exceeds this amount you will be advised and requested to approve the higher charge by PayPal payment. If the actual shipping charge is less than US$70.00 the difference will be credited to you.

    Shipping charges by postal mail vary depending on your country's regulations for receiving mail. Do ask Liz how much your package weighs, approximately, and you can select your most preferred method of shipping to you by using the calculator at this site: U.S.P.S. International Rate Calculator. If you chose a more expensive method than Standard International offered in the automatic shopping cart charge, you will be asked to pay the difference in PayPal. Please be advised that so called Standard International postal mail is not available to all countries for all types of goods. If this is the case for your order, an alternative shipping method will be suggested for your approval. Please be aware that Liz ships insured or registered mail to some countries outside the U.S., so if there is an additional fee for these services, it must be included in your calculation. The exact shipping cost may vary slightly depending upon actual weight. Liz will quote your postage amount in an email confirmation of your order.

    Liz accepts through the PayPal system credit card payments from customers in all countries outside the United States to which the U.S. Government permits exports.

    However, Liz does not accept payments in excess of the total amount charged for goods ordered.

    Liz ships insured for full invoice value, and declares the contents truthfully on the invoice enclosed or sent separately to you.

    For security reasons, to deter pilfering and theft in transit, the words jewelry or silver are not stated on Customs declarations, only fashion accessories or used flatware/cutlery. The reason for this description is because costume jewelry is not precious jewelry and therefore only has artistic and/or collectible value but no intrinsic value which precious jewelry containing gold and/or precious gems has. Likewise silverplated flatware has only minimal precious metal value as compared with sterling silver flatware.

    If you disagree with any of the above, Liz regrets that she will be unable to fill your order.

    Guarantee and Return Policy

    Liz endeavors to sell jewelry in fine condition only. Pin, necklace and bracelet catches will open and close properly, earrings will have clips or posts in working condition, rhinestone jewelry will not have missing stones, etc. If jewelry is in less than fine condition, the descriptions say so. All possible care is taken so that jewelry arrives as shipped, but, if stones have fallen out in transit, with the stones still in the sealed bag the jewelry arrived in, please do not be upset. If you can put the stones back yourself, be sure to use only a proper cement recommended for rhinestones and not just any instant glue which may destroy their brilliance. As a rule, Liz has only one of each collectible item available unless otherwise stated in the description so she cannot substitute for an identical item.

    If you are unhappy with something you bought from Liz, notify immediately upon receipt for return authorization, and mail it to:

    LCJ - Bryman
    P.O. Box 1700
    Melrose, FL 32666-1700

    within FIVE BUSINESS DAYS from date of your receipt, and it will be credited or refunded promptly, provided it has not been damaged after your receipt. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Please be sure to return all pieces of any matching set or combination-priced jewelry or other articles, preferably in original shipping package, and insured if it was shipped to you insured.

    Exceptions: Not Returnable are: Delinquents! jewelry, vintage clothing, accessories, and any other item described as Not Returnable. Liz also does not accept returns of goods damaged after your receipt by careless use, breakage, distortion, remodeling, loss of parts, applications of testing agents or cleaning attempts. Nor can Liz accept late returns, partial returns of matching sets or combinations or combination-priced lots or groups nor refund shipping or insurance charges.

    Thank you for shopping Liz Collectible Jewelry!

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