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Gammal Fransk Franska Liljan Swedish Silverplated Flatware

Gammal Fransk [Old French]
Franska Liljan [French Lily, Fleur de Lys, Lis]
Silverplated Flatware
1700s -
This pattern with the Swedish name Gammal Fransk [Old French], also called Franska Liljan [French Lily, Fleur de Lys, Lis], has been a favorite in Sweden since the 1700's in sterling and since the 1860's also in silver plate.

Swedish prices in 2008 for new production can be seen on the present manufacturer's retailer's website. A comparison list is provided here of the 2008 Swedish prices per piece with English translations and equivalents in U.S. dollars:

Prices from Swedish Manufacturer (page opens in new window). These prices have increased since 2008.

Read an interesting article here about the top ten most collected patterns in Swedish silverware, written by a Swedish antiques expert, courtesy Antique World, a Swedish magazine about antiques. Prices shown in the article are for sterling silverware. Comparison prices linked in the inventory descriptions for Franska Liljan are for new silver plate in Sweden. The translation from Swedish to English by Google has been corrected and updated. Please ignore and close the Print Page popup if you don't want to print the page.

Top Ten in (Swedish) Table Silverware (page opens in new window).

Liz Collectible Jewelry is proud to offer collectors this rare Swedish pattern in genuine vintage pieces at very reasonable prices.

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