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Aged and Opulent Jewelry
Jan Cox, Owner

AJ Raefields
Tracy Janik, Owner

Always Treasured Antiques & Collectibles
Kacey Donston, Owner

Amazing Adornments
Carolyn Henry, Owner

Annie's Original Art Jewelry
Annie Navetta, Owner

Antique Designer Costume Jewelry
Valerie Gedziun, Owner Antique Shop
Leesa Freward, Owner

Antiquing On Line
Elaine Kula, Owner

Aunt Tink
Gail Crockett, Owner

Aurora's Boutique
Carol Fitzpatrick, Owner

AZillion SPARKLZ Vintage Costume Jewelry
Janet Gaynor, Owner


Bangle Caddies by Irislady & Vintage Costume Jewelry
Judy Miller, Owner

B'dazzled Vintage Costume Jewelry
Brenda Challinor, Owner

Becker Street Antiques
Robert & Jacqueline Johnson, Owners

Bitz of Glitz
Delores and William Benedict, Owners

Boo Bears Baubles
Sheri Weiss, Owner

Broadwater Rose Jewels
Nancy Galvin, Owner


Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection
Carole Tanenbaum, Owner

Barbara J. Sallen, Owner
Charlotte Cicale, Owner

Collections By Ann: Vintage Jewelry and Accessories
Ann Mills, Owner

A Costume Jewelry Shop
Mary Ann Murphy, Owner


Caryn Naiditch, Owner

Laurel Ciotti, Owner

Elaine's Antiques & Collectibles
Elaine Messarra, Owner

Emerald City Vintage Costume Jewelry
Elizabeth Rowlands, Owner

The Enchanted Castle
Roberta (Bobye) Syverson, Owner

Enchantment Vintage Costume Jewelry
Rebecca Fransway, Owner
Boffo Beads
Susan Corwin, Owner


Family Jewels
Lisa Cohen, Owner

Lee Caplan, Owner

Forever Fabulous
Susan Williams, Owner

A Forgotten Romance
Yelena Zhilo, Owner

Foxfire Vintage Jewelry on Etsy
Sandy Lisnak, Owner


Garden Party Collection
Adrienne Shivers, Owner

Gemsplus~Vintage Jewelry
Renee Poole, Owner

Gingerbread Farm Antiques and Vintage Jewelry
Lisa Boydstun, Owner

The Glitter Box
Sheila Pamfiloff, Owner

Glitz Galore
Elaine Scioscia, Owner

Grandma's Jewellery Box
Ellen Penner, Owner

Grandma's Top Drawer
Monica Williams, Owner

Great Finds! Antiques and Collectibles
Peter and Paula Gofton, Owners


Helen Gilson, Owner


The Ice Box
Carolyn Lapins, Owner

Illusion Jewels Vintage Costume Jewelry
Dorothea Stringfield, Owner

Into Temptation
Evelyn Yallen, Owner

Nancy Janeliunas, Owner

Jarrett's Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
Sally Jarrett, Owner

Jazzle Dazzle
Lisa Corcoran, Owner

Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry
Jennifer Lynn Edie, Owner

Randy Wideman, Owner

Jewelry Addiction
Lorna Breshears, Owner

JK Tex Mercantile on eBay
Keith Coulter, Owner

Gail Pullin, Owner

Junkyard Jeweler
Rob Spigner, Owner


KayeJaye Vintage Jewelry
Kaye Aaroe-Barbieri, Owner

Kim's Vintage Jewelry Arts and Antiques
Kim Napoleone, Owner

Kristy Lee Jewelry
Kristy Lee, Owner


Lilly's Vintage Jewelry
Lilly Vittetow, Owner

Linda's Vintage Jewelry & Collectibles
Linda Wisler, Owner

Link 2 Jewels
Linda Kripke, Owner

Linn's Collection
Linn Alber, Owner

Liz Collectible Jewelry
Liz Bryman, Owner

Lori Kizer's Vintage Jewelry
Lori Kizer, Owner

Loveoldstuff Costume Jewelry on Ruby Lane
Lil Roberts, Owner

The Lush Life
Erik Yang, Owner


Mary Ann, Mary Ann Designs and Anna's Vintage Jewelry
Mary Ann Docktor-Smith, Owner

Mercy Madge!
Sharon Donson, Owner

Martha Exline, Owner

Milky Way Jewels
Cheri Van Hoover, Owner

Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry
Morning Glory Antique Connection Mall
Jane H. Clarke, Owner
Matthew Ribarich, Owner

M. Schon
Marbeth Schon, Owner


Nate Waxman
Nate Waxman, Owner


Past and Present Jewelry
Diane Hanselman, Owner

Past Perfection Vintage Costume Jewelry
Cheryl Killmer, Owner

The Pink Lady Collection
Claudia Roach, Owner

Pretty Snazzy Vintage Costume Jewelry and Rhinestones
Stefanie Brawner, Owner

Pumpkins and Peacock Feathers
Jill Dutcher, Owner

Purple Daisy
Purple Daisy on Etsy
Sue Webb, Owner


Red Robin Antiques
Robin Allison, Owner

Remember When Vintage
Rita Perloff, Owner

Retro Jewels on Ruby Lane
Deborah Kosnett, Owner

ReWindTime Vintage Collectibles
C.G. Shaffer, Owner

Rhinestone Jewelry Corporation
Jeffrey Levy, Owner

Terri Friedman, Owner

The Rose Sword
Mary Deis, Owner


Shooting Creek Antiques and Jewelry
Christine Sanders, Owner

Silvery Moon on Ruby Lane
Russell Jones, Owner

The Southern Belle Super Antique Mall
Rick Morris, Owner

Sterling Trends
Debora Mauser, Owner

Sunday and Sunday
Ed and Carolyn Sunday, Owner


Thanks for The Memories
Leigh Leshner, Owner

Tiffany's Treasures
Tiffany Wesner, Owner

Twin Brooks Antiques and Collectibles
Judith Katz-Schwartz, Owner

A Twinkle in Time
Cindy Amirkhan, Owner


Under the Sea
Gay Sherman, Owner

Ed Davis, Owner


Venus Vintage Jewelry on Ruby Lane
Tracy Green, Owner

Vera Battemarco Estate, Antique & Vintage Jewelry
Vera Battemarco, Owner

Victoria James Designs
Victoria Mann Lackovic, Owner

A Victorian Elegance
Donna Barr, Owner

Vintage Jewelry Collect
Melinda L. Abbott, Owner

Vintage Jewelry
Shelley Osborne, Owner

Vintage Treasures
Brenda Nurenberg, Owner

Vintage Treasures 4U
Judi Bollan, Owner

A Vintage Whim
Dottie DeFeo, Owner


Wendy Gell
Wendy Gell, Owner

Whimseys Vintage Costume Jewelry
Nancy Lewis, Owner


Xhale Designs Artisan Jewelry
JhaRee Miller, Owner


Yesterdays Jewels
Yesterdays Jewels at Tias
Linda Heberling, Owner

More Interesting Places:

Are you trying to research a mark or a costume jewelry manufacturer name?

Then you need to Go To the ultimate research site:
Researching Costume Jewelry RCJę 1997--2009
Jewelry History - Jewelry Research - Jewelry Marks - Jewelry Signatures
Dorothy Stringfield and Pat Seal, Researchers

The Antiques & Collectibles Guide
Buy, sell, list, network, find events and shows, on American Directories Co.'s comprehensive directory site, one of the oldest on the Net, courtesy Carolyn Lilly.

Collector Online
Big database for searching for your desired collectibles at this comprehensive collectibles site with advertising forums, newsletters, and more.

Down To Earth Jewelry
Like to design your own jewelry in semi-precious stones? This site will make what you want, or order from their large catalog of all earth-friendly materials. Convenient shopping cart, friendly customer service.

I Antique Online: Antique & Vintage Jewelry Discussion Board
Discuss your jewelry with other enthusiasts here. See more boards for other antiques and collectibles.

UNISQUARE Online Jewelry Marketplace and Auctions
List your jewelry for sale for free with a 2% sale commission fee.

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