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Liz's Face Protection Masks for 2020

The Patriot, The Betsy Ross, The Balloon Race, The Southern Roses, The Wildfloral, The Paisley

Where the Made In the USA Finest Face Masks Are

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These masks are crafted in the USA by local artists.

Reversible they are washable in cold water by machine or hand, can be dried naturally in sunshine for UV sanitation.

Materials: New American-woven fabrics, in three layers, cotton or polyester on both sides and inside a polyester filter for extra protection while still allowing breathability. Sides fit snugly with comfortable stretch 3/8" wide fabric-covered elastic behind ears. Hidden adjustable nose clip made of reinforced plastic, aluminum or plastic-covered wire*.

Read what the experts tell us What To Look For In A Face Mask, According to Science, courtesy FiveThirtyEight, a div of ABC News. [Opens in new window]

Want More Convincing Why A Mask Is Important?
Watch this brief video on Youtube courtesy Aatish Bhatia and the Heising-Simons Foundation:
Why Masks Work Better Than You Think
[Opens in new window. Caution: ads, can be skipped.]

Sizes: Medium, Large.

Prices in US dollars are per piece. Offer only available in the U.S., limited to 6 masks per order, quantities limited.

Order here [opens in new window]: Add $3.00 shipping per order. Orders of 6 masks ship Free!

Please state style names and how many pieces of each and their sizes, Medium or Large, your name, address, email and phone number in your order.

If you have questions do email Liz or call. Credit card convenience is available through the PayPal Shopping Cart courtesy PayPal even if you do not have a prior PayPal account.

*Not medically certified. For casual indoor and outdoor use only. Not tested or approved for rescue or medical professional use. For sanitary safety masks are not returnable. Disclaimer


The Patriot Mask
$6.00The Patriot Mask, 3 views



The Betsy Ross Mask
$7.50The Betsy Ross Mask, 3 views



The Balloon Race Mask
$7.00The Balloon Race, 3 views



The Southern Roses Mask
$7.00The Southern Roses, 2 views



The Wildfloral Mask
$7.00The Wildfloral Mask, 2 views



The Paisley Mask
$6.00The Paisley Mask, 3 views


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